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I am proud of what you and I did together.

Full disclaimer: last night was not my typical Glee viewing night. the_seaward and I watched the episode after several drinks at my local dive bar (and a few very loud conversations that would've probably been super embarrassing had we been any percent self-aware, whoops). So this discussion post is less of an attempt to be thoughtful and more of a "here are my vague feelings about some things that I think might've happened, but I'm not sure because I was busy eating a pie and crying into the_seaward's shoulder, maybe you all can fill in the blanks?" thing.

This show hasn't pulled off anything that's surprised me as much in ages as Kurt not getting into NYADA. Finn not getting into the Actor's Studio shocked me too (not because that would've been in any way realistic, obviously, not least because THE ACTOR'S STUDIO IS A MASTERS PROGRAM, GLEE, and also not least because Finn fucking Hudson wanted to be an actor purely as a result of Will showing him a shitty VHS tape of Saturday Night Fever). After the grind of this season, which, imo, was absolutely terrible with a few bright flashes and some slightly better episodes towards the end, I had zero faith that the finale would give us anything than a nice pretty bow tied around everyone's dreams. Especially Finn's. I was completely prepared for Kurt, Rachel, and Finn to head out to New York together, set up in a little studio apartment, and share wacky hijinks while they tried to Make It in the big city.

As much as I love Rachel, and as much as I cried when she got off the train in New York, my heart broke for poor, poor Kurt, who I love almost -- and that's a small almost -- as much. Kurt's going to be okay. He won't let this defeat him, and at any rate, I'd honestly rather see him explore a career that I think might be more suited to his strengths and interests, like fashion or even politics. (My kingdom for a fic where Kurt interns in DC for a summer.) It just feels awful to me that after so much buildup, after getting such a positive reaction from Whoopi, after being overlooked by Will for a million solos, after losing the part in West Side Story because Shannon didn't think he was masculine enough, he gets rejected. It's not unrealistic, of course, and it's not the end of the world for him, but -- and this is coming purely from an emotional place, not a critical or analytic one -- I really want to see Kurt get the recognition and affirmation he deserves, and not be left with the feeling that everything the writers put him through this year was for nothing.

The other thing I wasn't expecting at all was Finn breaking up with Rachel and going into the army (he did break up with her, right? I'm a little shaky on that point; by the time that was happening, my TV screen was merlot-colored). Finn becoming an actor never made a lick of sense to anyone who's watched this show ever, and even though I was about 98% sure this time last year that Finn would end up deciding to become a teacher (just like his BFF and substitute dad Will Schuester), the army isn't an OOC choice. It rankles a little that their breakup had to be catalyzed by Finn, in all his endless, infinite wisdom, rather than Rachel figuring out she doesn't need him, but it's more than I'd hoped for.

So now, we've got, what, Rachel in NYC for sure, maybe Santana, Quinn coming down to visit Rachel (!!!!), Mercedes in LA, Blaine, Tina, Brittany, et. al. in Lima, Kurt in Lima? (did he mention any backup plans? I'm guessing not, because Glee), Finn in the army, Mike in Chicago. "Hot mess" doesn't even begin to describe what next season's going to be like. Like Jessie Spano, I'm excited and scared. Mostly scared, though. And very, very glad the season's over.

Other thoughts:

- No, seriously, fill in all the blanks on things I've missed, because I know there are a million gaps here.

- Until the show proves me wrong in September, I'm pretending that Santana decides to join Mercedes in LA, Brittany comes out with them for the summer, and then threesomes.

- Wow, the whole Sam/Mercedes thing really got dropped, didn't it? I shouldn't be surprised, but I am, a little bit, and sad.


- Sue and Quinn reduced me to tears, mostly since that scene was actually earned after three years of those characters interacting in messy ways, but partly because that was obviously Jane and Dianna hugging, too.

- Of course Will sings "Forever Young" to his students. Of course he does.

- Another thing on the "can't believe" list: Will actually told Finn about the pot! I can't remember anything else that happened in that scene. the_seaward and I were laughing too hard to hear anything.

- Quinn and Rachel, oh my god. ♥____♥
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