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Fic: Fever When You Hold Me Tight, Finn/Emma, NC-17

Title: Fever When You Hold Me Tight
Author: ellydash / magnicifent
Pairing: Finn Hudson/Emma Pillsbury
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 9,300
Warnings: infidelity, Finn Hudson in a sexual context
Notes: I can't even pretend I ship this ironically anymore. I ship it earnestly. Many thanks to Bowery for aiding and abetting beta reading and encouraging me. 

Summary: Emma takes it upon herself to nurse a sick Finn back to health. Cleaning him up gets unexpectedly messy.

Even though it’s been a little hard lately for me I’m very, very happy about getting married. I cry lots of happy tears all the time, late at night or in the shower.

Tags: character: emma pillsbury, character: finn hudson, pairing: finn/emma, rating: nc-17
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