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Listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently posted fic at the top. If you'd like to search by character, pairing, or rating, tags are here.

The Hunger Games

This Is Not For You | Haymitch/Effie | NC-17 | 4,000 words
While Katniss and Peeta prepare for the opening ceremonies of the 74th Hunger Games, Effie pays Haymitch a visit in his quarters.


Fever When You Hold Me Tight | Finn/Emma | NC-17 | 9,300 words
Emma takes it upon herself to nurse a sick Finn back to health. Cleaning him up gets unexpectedly messy.

Trouble Was Her Name | Sam/Mercedes | R | 15,000 words
Recently back from two tours of duty in the Pacific, private investigator Sam Evans and his partner Blaine Anderson receive their most difficult assignment to date: to investigate the mysterious death of a local bar owner. Once he discovers that more than one person had a motive for wanting Will Schuester dead, Evans must put together the clues at his disposal and solve the case—before someone puts him out of business permanently.

So You've Left Your Fiancé And Moved In With Sue Sylvester | Emma/Sue | NC-17 | 25,000 words
During the first weeks of summer, a newly single Emma shows up on Sue’s doorstep needing a place to stay. Moving in with Sue and Shannon, however, results in some unexpected changes Emma isn’t sure she’s ready to accept.

Stable | Quinn/Mercedes | PG-13 | 5,500 words
After the accident, Quinn starts to heal in more ways than one.

The Mirror Has Two Faces | Jesse/Rachel | NC-17 | 3,100 words
Jesse and Rachel have the kind of phone sex you’d probably expect them to have.

Don't Need You To Say We're All Right | Emma, Sue, Shannon gen | PG-13 | 10,300 words
Emma, Sue, and Shannon have an inebriated and unexpectedly revealing get-together at Sue's place. Over the course of the evening, Emma lets loose, Sue gets exposed, and Shannon builds a blanket fort.

All My Loving For Someone Who's Loving Me | Brittany/Santana/Mercedes | NC-17 | 4,800 words
A Troubletones rehearsal at Santana's house doesn't go exactly as planned.

Let Me See You Get Low | Will/Kurt | NC-17 | 11,600 words
Several years after graduation, Will unexpectedly runs into Kurt at a bar. It's not the last surprising thing that happens that night.

What You Want, Baby, I Got It | Rachel/Mercedes | PG | 5,000 words
No one ever said being friends with Rachel Berry would be easy.

Made For Sunny Days | Sam/Mercedes | R | 5,100 words
Some things grow in summer.

Mama Said Knock You Out | Sue/Terri | R | 8,000 words
The secret Terri's hiding might just be exactly what Sue needs to regain the upper hand over Will.

A Scheme, Starring Rachel Berry, With Music And Lyrics By Rachel Berry (And Sam Evans) | Rachel/Sam | R | 9,400 words
Rachel's running after Finn. Sam's running after Quinn. Eventually, they realize they're running side by side.

we tumble down the hill (like jack and jack and jill) | Kurt/Blaine/Rachel | NC-17 | 11,600 words
Blaine can't choose between them.

bandage and the blade | Emma gen | PG | 4,000 words
It's so much easier, in the end, for Emma to blame everything on Will.

Dazed and Confused | Puck/Sam | R | 3,500 words
Puck and Sam get stoned. They make some kickass decisions.

Kick, Push | Will/Sue | NC-17 | 8,000 words
In the aftermath of her humiliating loss, Will attempts to lift Sue's spirits on Valentine's Day. As usual, he has no idea what she really wants.

Loving Me Is Easy 'Cause I'm Beautiful | Kurt/Rachel | R | 4,500 words
Rachel, happy for any excuse to polish her dramatic skills, pretends to be Blaine so that Kurt can practice telling Blaine how he feels. Things get out of control very quickly.

Shy Beneath The Cloth | Emma/Sam | R | 9,400 words
Emma's spent the first thirty years of her life following a doctrine of denial. It keeps her safe.

Through The Line | Will/Rachel | NC-17 | 3,600 words
Poor decision making is Will's specialty, especially after a few drinks. Tonight, Rachel's along for the ride.

Together Sounds Nice When You're Alone | Will/Rachel | R | 3,300 words
They deserve to feel good.

Power Switch | Will/Sue | NC-17 | 9,500 words
Sue and the Cheerios receive second place at Nationals, catalyzing a (literal) explosion that results in Sue teaching a U.S. history class, with a newly promoted Will supervising. Sue's not happy. Will's out of his depth. Sequel to Sacrilege.

we had a sex party but nobody came | Puck/Lauren, Brittany/Santana, Kurt/Finn, Sam/Quinn | R | 3,900 words
Sex in high school doesn't always go smoothly.

Sacrilege | Will/Sue | NC-17 | 8,500 words
Will shaves his head, gets drunk with Sue on a Friday night, and makes an impulsive decision. It's what happens next, though, that he really needs to worry about.

Let Nothing You Dismay | Sue gen | PG-13 | 15,473 words
Three spirits take Sue Sylvester to visit Christmases past, present, and future.

somewhere between what you feel and what you know | Sue gen | PG | 2,400 words
Sue plans to outlive Will Schuester. Sue gets what she wants. Warning: character death.

The Change Has Come (She's Under My Thumb) | Sue/Beiste | R | 1,300 words
The thing is, Sue Sylvester is a genius, in a way Mensa will not acknowledge (even after several threats and a late night bomb scare).

The Height of Improbability | Sue/Emma | R | 4,000 words
Sue and Emma join forces against Will.

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